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About Wheless Partners, A Letter from Mike Wheless

If you’re like other hiring executives, you may already be contemplating ways of improving what other board members and C-Suite executives have found over their career in hiring what often amounts to a 50-50 proposition when it comes to recruiting new executive and management leaders into their organizations, regardless of the firm engaged.

Clients we serve consistently share our firm’s unique Portfolio Approach gives them a decided competitive advantage when it comes to engaging and hiring world-class management leaders. It also provides the confidence to invest their time and brand equity with a team of consultants who understand and work to reduce the risks associated with each assignment and who commit to help hiring managers attain what we call ‘significance’.

For more than 30 years, our executive and Board Search consultants and human capital advisors have been privileged to partner with global Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, government organizations, public and private institutions and entrepreneurial startups to ensure they attract and hold the correct "top of the bell curve talent" to achieve their most critical goals.

While our work has been richly informed by this incredibly diverse client engagement experience, I’ve been struck by the similarities of the biggest challenges they face across very divergent organizations and industries. The common thread?

Each client enterprise we serve understands in a world steeped in volatility, uncertainty, resource constraints and ineffective hiring, it is not about the ideas they come up with nor the money they can invest but rather, the quality, vision and character of executive and management leaders they have in their most critical leadership roles.

What we’ve learned is that there is a direct and enduring correlation between the caliber of leaders your organization can recruit and develop and the value and profitability of your enterprise, be it measured through brand equity, financial performance, the strength and diversity of your culture, or total return to shareholders.

Our clients tell us they are known by the quality of people they can engage. We’ve learned how exceptional leaders make their most critical people decisions, which in retrospect are often seen as the bold masterstrokes that help define their legacies.

Our team and our clients are equally committed to recruiting top-notch management executives and Board Directors of uncommon and uncompromising vision, character and experience. We know client organizations grow, thrive, compete and reach their objectives when great people up and down the enterprise take the lead. We are privileged to be their partners, and we look forward to exploring what’s possible with you as well.


Mike Wheless

Meet the Team

Because Wheless Partners is in the ‘people’ business, we have a special appreciation for committed, highly qualified and collaborative executives.

“At Wheless, we don’t see different things… we just see things differently.”

Our position and core belief at Wheless is that through our efforts, we positively change the trajectories of individuals, groups and organizations. It’s our passion to position those we serve to thrive in an ever increasingly competitive world. Nice words. But words without a strategy and a methodology are really just vapor. Wheless has a bulletproof, unique and game changing strategy.

We are currently seeking business professionals who can bring substantial experience, character, ambition and vision to our recruiting and consulting team from locations across the United States and around the world.

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