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Robert E. Witt, Ph.D.

Robert E. Witt, Ph.D.


About Robert

Dr. Robert Witt is a transformational leader in American higher education whose razor-sharp business acumen, marketing savvy, and strategic planning prowess have had a dramatic impact on the modern history of The University of Alabama. A global leader in business education during his 22-year tenure at The University of Texas, Dr. Witt was responsible for a dramatic turnaround as President of UT-Arlington before he was recruited to The University of Alabama in 2003.

During his nine-year tenure as President of The University of Alabama, Dr. Witt spearheaded an ambitious plan for academic growth and achievement that has firmly established the Capstone as one of America’s finest, most fiscally sound, and fastest-growing universities.  As Chancellor of the UA System, Dr. Witt led efforts to enhance efficiency and effectiveness among the three campuses and the UAB Health System, which collectively have an $8+billion annual economic impact on the State of Alabama. Under his watch, UA, UAB and UAH have achieved record enrollments, earned tier #1 stature among peer institutions, and become the envy of the nation for the achievements of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

As Senior Advisor for Wheless Partners’ Higher Education Consulting practice, Dr. Witt shares practical wisdom and business insights gleaned from his extraordinary career to help guide public universities through transformational leadership initiatives. Trustees and university executives tasked with steering the ship are experiencing a higher education market that is growing rapidly; competition is increasing between public and private higher educational institutions for enrollment, academic excellence, and strategic growth; college presidents are aging out; budgets are being challenged at the state level; and performance improvement, operating efficiency, cost management and reduction, growth strategy, organizational effectiveness and funding strategy remain as key trends.

Depending on the need of the institution, Dr. Witt’s consultation with clients may encompass institutional assessment, growth strategies, cost management and reduction, compliance and profitability in collegiate athletics, and talent management and succession planning.

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