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“At Wheless, we don’t see different things… we just see things differently.”

In the universe of Executive/Professional search… What is it that we really do?

Our position and core belief at Wheless is that through our efforts, we positively change the trajectories of individuals, groups and organizations. It’s our passion to position those we serve to thrive in and ever increasingly competitive world. Nice words. But words without a strategy and a methodology are really just vapor. Wheless has a bulletproof, unique and game changing strategy.

Peter Drucker once said “if you want something new, you have to stop doing something that is old.” In our industry, virtually every player, whether a top 10 international concern or a small practice with only regional reach conduct business within the framework of a 50-year-old model.

Ask yourself this: If the healthcare you receive had not changed over the last half century, what would your family’s health look like today? If your mechanic had not evolved his expertise and tools over the last 50 years, could they bring your vehicle back to the level of performance you expect?

This antiquated way holds true in the executive/professional search industry. Nothing much has changed in the past 50 years. Until now.

Wheless Partners has evolved and implemented a strategy that represents a true and rare paradigm shift in the industry. As such, we can reliably state that our engagements have a 97.5% success rate. In an era where “failed searches” are reaching epidemically high levels, this is an astounding benchmark of service delivery.

Our client list includes Fortune 50 companies, the most prestigious higher education institutions on the planet, the most significant healthcare organizations in the world. What does that mean for you? You will have the opportunity to develop clients in virtually an unlimited way.

Literally, you can approach almost any organization from a business development perspective and share our stellar client list with them. That will give prospective clients comfort and secure knowledge that they will be working with an established firm dedicated to their success.

If our strategy resonates with you logically and experientially… let’s talk. Our growth trajectory continues and we’re seeking successful, smart and driven partners to continue the success story and help them realize their career objectives in a collegial and fun, yes fun, way.

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