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A Great Board Is...

Simply listening to the traditional stream of presentations from the management team and outside consultants is no longer enough to fulfill board responsibilities. Having the correct people serve as board members and creating a culture that invites different opinions is critical. Competitive companies of today - and tomorrow - need to embrace constructive disagreements, versus just a "rubber stamp" of approval.

Effective boards include trust, candor, open communication, diversity, and individual accountability, and embrace self-evaluation and improvement. Wheless Partners continuously meets with top CEOs, CFOs, and Presidents from leading companies across various industries from coast to coast who understand this challenge from their own experiences.

These exceptional leaders have all taken the next step and completed a board profile with us as they seek opportunities to provide their unique expertise to support the CEO and management team in the quest to fulfill their obligations to their shareholders and stakeholders.

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Board Games


Succeeding in today's corporate and not-for-profit boardrooms is tougher than ever before, with new and established board directors facing a myriad of new and rapidly globalizing challenges with governance.

Directors and aspiring board candidates need a survival guide to beat the odds and avoid crises―the best credentials and the best of intentions aren't enough. This book is that guide.


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CEO Selection

One of the most important decisions a board of directors will make is to select the CEO.

The qualities of a CEO are different from other leadership positions. Wheless Partners  understands the critical difference and will assist board leadership in identifying and selecting the right candidates to make the greatest impact in the company’s performance.

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Board of Directors Selection

The mounting pressure placed on boards to meet regulatory requirements, risk management, oversight and applying solid governance is imperative. Board Directors must be able to advise CEOs and their leadership team with actionable insights by asking questions to provoke strategic direction, meeting the objectives of the shareholders and stakeholders. This requires exceptional leaders who possess the experience, talent, ethics, values in becoming an asset to the CEO, organization, shareholders, stakeholders and fellow board members. 

We utilize our unique insight to the inner workings of a board and by understanding your specific requirements, the dynamics of the company and board in bringing exceptional diverse leaders who raise your personal and professional brand, economic value and execute the standards of governance by executing their fiduciary responsibility.

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Board Resources

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is more important than ever before. While there are well developed steps in a succession process, each situation is unique. By using a business-focused action approach, Wheless Partners helps organizations identify high-value executives quickly and assist in their new leadership role. Find out more >>

Board Assessment

Board Assessment

We advise companies by evaluating a Board's performance, strengths and skills gap of each director and of the Board as a whole. The outcome is to develop a high-performing board of directors to equally contribute to execute the governance requirements. Read more >>

Our Approach

Our Approach

Today's economy is defined by global competition and abundant capital, and the demand for top leadership talent is growing dramatically - while the supply is shrinking. Our Portfolio Approach addresses this problem. Learn more >>

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