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Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute

The Catalyst For Extraordinary Leadership Institute (CELI) exists to transform how we lead, develop talent and create value. Catalysts are influential leaders who produce extraordinary results, day in and day out, time after time.

Given the unique way they think, we’ve found that Catalysts benefit from marketplace tested leaders, proven peer connections from whom to learn and collaborate. This is why we bring Catalysts together, to deepen their capabilities and expose them to ideas and field-tested solutions.

The CELI is on a purposeful quest to share knowledge and expert points of view gained through our own work with events, quarterly magazine, articles, videos and webinars, all to accelerate the learning process to benefit the larger leadership population.

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Featured Article

Preparing for Board Director Retirement


Historically, Board Director Succession Planning has been relegated to a process focused on simply “replacing” a particular individual who is retiring with someone who is most like that particular individual. Although instituted quite frequently, this historical approach ignores three truths that are worth examining . Find out more in this insightful article by Mabry Smith, the President and Managing Partner of Wheless Partners.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession planning is more important than ever before. While there are well-developed steps in a succession process, each situation is unique. By using a business-focused action approach, Wheless Partners helps organizations identify high-value executives quickly and assist in their new leadership positions.

Leadership Consulting

Leadership Consulting

A good leader is someone who develops, creates, or otherwise inspires leadership abilities or improved performance in others — a leadership catalyst. Our customized programs are designed to meet the needs of the organization to meet today’s challenges.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching focuses on leveraging a leader’s strengths in order to increase the commitment, retention and most importantly, the performance, of talented professionals who want to fully realize their capabilities and potential.

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