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Our Approach

Number One Business Challenge Continues to be... Availability of Top Talent

The 2016 CEO Perspective Report developed by Wheless Partners revealed their top challenges:

  • Identifying and attracting top talent with the critical skills required to meet the objectives of the CEO's strategy
  • Attracting leaders with the skills to elevate, communicate and lead critical and strategic change initiatives

The war for top talent, and it is indeed underway, has created a demand for these highly sought after individuals.

Finding these individuals is one thing; however understanding the criteria and culture of the hiring Organization, matching the needs against the candidates capabilities, recruiting them, managing them and then bringing them forward to interview requires an entirely different set of skills.

With over 30 years of experience, our proprietary and customized approach of successfully securing top tier candidates and matching our clients requirements enables them to be confident they are executing a difference making hiring decision… one that will exceed expectations and elevate the success of the organization.

How It Works

Today’s economy is defined by global competition, abundant capital, and a young, flexible workforce. The demand for new hires is growing dramatically, while the supply is shrinking.

This means to match the demands of companies with these high-performing executives requires a proven process to recruit those who have the skills, experience and inter-personal skills to fit in and be an asset to delivering results.

We use over 67 key elements contained in 4 critical areas:

  1. Requirements and Strategy Development - R.O.I. Justification, Search Criteria, Selection Factors
  2. Professional Qualities - Background, Experience, Abilities, Skills and Technical Expertise
  3. Leadership Qualities - Vision, Focus, Strategic, Drive, Team Building, Execution, Responsibility
  4. Personality And Values Driven Attributes - Attributes that contribute to Organizational Culture “Fit”

Our Approach

Our Approach

Today's economy is defined by global competition and abundant capital, and the demand for top leadership talent is growing rapidly, while the supply is shrinking. Speak with one of our partners to learn how our Portfolio Approach solves this problem.



30 years of experience brings a certain expertise and know-how to each of the industry sectors we serve. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.



Our clients demand a customized approach to assess their organizational culture, leadership goals, and the competitive landscape in their market. Tell us more about the role you need to fill.

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