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Board Games: Straight Talk for New Directors and Good Governance

Board Games: Straight Talk for New Directors and Good Governance

Succeeding in today’s corporate and not-for-profit boardrooms is tougher than ever before, with new and established board directors facing myriad new and rapidly globalizing governance challenges. Directors and aspiring board candidates need a survival guide to beat the odds and avoid crises―the best credentials and the best of intentions aren’t enough. This book is that guide.
• Supplies frank advice and straight talk for current board directors and future directors that warn of the various kinds of troubling developments that can arise in and outside the boardroom

• Breaks down the core requirements, expectations, and commitments directors must make to protect shareholders based on the coauthors’ deep and varied board and executive leadership experience

• Provides a roadmap for anyone who wants to serve on a board or advisory board―be it for a company, institution, not-for-profit, or government or community organization―or those who currently serve on boards but need guidance and advice

• Explains why most boards aren’t more diverse and what today’s directors can and should do to rectify this issue

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