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Three compelling questions emerged from our three decades performing board and leadership national searches and succession initiatives.


Over your career, what is your accuracy percentage for making good, sound business decisions?

Boards, CEOs, C-Suite Execs and strategic HR leaders of all stripes across business sectors consistent answer…

…between 85% to low 90%… reasonable.

And yours…?

Over your career, what is your accuracy percentage for making great hires who meet or exceed expectations and indeed stick?

Boards, CEOs, C-Suite Execs and strategic HR leaders surprising answer…

…some fraction of 50/50… essentially a coin toss!

And yours…?

For what reasons are my business decision versus my hiring decision accuracy percentages so different?

Is it me…or, is it…

…unseen forces behind the search firm’s doors blocking promised rock star recruits I expected to see… ”off-limits?”… candidates already assigned to another search…?

…that CanNot Raid their long list of clients for candidates to fill my key opening… hmmm, they’d be biting the hand feeding them.

… I’m getting the “leftovers”, the “marginalized”, the “aspirationals”,  “consultants” even the “unhappy, looking, unemployed”…to make a great hire?  

…for all I’m paying them…I’ve got better internals than what they are showing me!

Having trouble finding answers?

Wheless Partners Provides A Market Defining Hiring Pathway Assuring You Consistently Make Top of the Bell Curve Hires.

The Bell Curve
How the search for top talent really works.

Mindshare, Marketshare, ROI, EVA & Brand Equity
Impact of Consistently Hiring Top of the Bell Curve Candidates

Portfolio Approach and Promise™
Your Marketplace Advantage Assuring Consistent Hiring Top of the Bell Curve Talent

Clients Served/Positions Recruited.
Intentionally Select Client Portfolio with
Numbers Capped Per Sector

Getting Started Today
Your Marketplace Advantage Ensuring You’re Hiring Top Talent

In the hotly contested War for Talent, Wheless Partners provides select clients a market defining counter intuitive approach to recruiting top talent. It’s practical, pragmatic and rooted in rational business logic effectively solving the 50/50 “coin toss” hiring accuracy riddle.

Let’s today begin a dialogue as to how our Portfolio Approachand Portfolio Promise combine to uniquely position your enterprise assuring you consistently hire those proven top of the bell curve leaders.

Email MikeW@WhelessPartners.com to calendar a time to advance our conversation. Or phone 404.939.1305.   

Anticipate our speaking….