Sectors Served

Wheless Partners brings significant knowledge and know-how to each of the industry sectors we serve, and also bring to you a keen cross-industry perspective on the business issues and leaders who are shaping markets and innovating amid significant market competition for top-of-the-bell-curve talent – those happily employed, not looking, proven performers you seek, desire, deserve and indeed can have.

Our Portfolio Approach and Portfolio Promise ensures our continual engagement with the top Executive and Management talent in your industry sector and your access to the individuals and teams needed to drive results. We are a leadership search and consulting partner to a broad array of enterprises in the following sectors:

Higher Education

We serve the largest University Systems in the country to small liberal arts institutions and private colleges, mid-size regional universities, designated Hispanic Serving and Minority serving institutions, land grant institutions, Tier 1 research universities, national academic associations, state higher education commissions, accreditation organizations, translational research enterprises and more.

Healthcare/Hospitals & Health Systems

Our team of consulting partners has worked with a broad range of healthcare providers – from hospitals and academic medical centers to payer organizations and non-profit foundations – to deliver exceptional talent and human capital solutions that make a difference for patients and communities.


Our team of client consultants includes technology partners who know what it takes to achieve success in a highly competitive sector. Together, we’re committed to helping technology companies in every stage of development realize the next big thing on their strategic horizon.


Our consulting team can assist oil and gas companies, services firms, electric and nuclear utilities as well as emerging renewable energy concerns in building the right executive and management teams and human capital best practices they need to make investments consistently pay off for shareholders, customers and business partners.

Financial Services

Our partnership with hiring managers across myriad functional roles and business lines has given us unique expertise and talent access that we can leverage to support your firm’s critical objectives.

Life Sciences

Our passion is assisting life sciences companies reach the next level of their development by recruiting game-changing business and clinical leaders with the vision and tenacity to reach key breakthroughs.


We are a partner to leading manufacturers serving a broad array of sectors and customer needs, and we’re poised to help your operation deliver what’s expected. We can help you produce the team of leaders and key performers you need to ensure success.

Consumer Goods

Through effective hiring we position consumer goods companies deliver on their promises to the markets they serve by connecting them with leadership talent, human capital services and consistently meaningful solutions that help them compete as never before.

Professional Services

We understand the challenges and opportunities facing professional services firms serving a broad range of corporate customers in part because of the depth and breadth of our own Select Client roster and advisory team. Our consultants are deeply experienced working with professional services partners to achieve what’s important to them and their clientele.

Sports Management

We’ve assembled our own team of pros to help your team realize the potential of game-changing human performance and team leadership. Our team can help your team consistently elevate its game and beat the competition through a broad range of leadership search and human capital game plans.


Our consulting team can help you uncover the right executive and management talent to stay ahead of media and entertainment trends as well as the best human capital practices that can dramatically multiply your return on workforce investment.


We understand the global hospitality landscape and our consultants can tap meaningful relationships to help inform some of your company’s biggest decisions about people, resources and where to make your best investments in service delivery.


Our consultants are adept at surfacing key engineering talent gaps and rallying the resources, referral networks and relationships required to fill them quickly with world-class talent.


Our recruiting and talent advisory teams positions your organization to leverage our key relationships across the construction industry and connect with the business leaders who can consistently keep your priority projects on budget and ahead of schedule.


When business performance hinges on innovation, design excellence, technology and human performance all at the same time, we position your aviation or aerospace enterprise to reach the next level in human capital terms. Our recruiting and advisory consultants know how to ask the right questions and can bring a myriad of solutions based on your organization’s unique needs and objectives.


We recognize the sensitive nature of advancing today’s defense agenda as well as the game-changing talent accountable for shifting the focus – as and when necessary – to provide the right defense systems to meet emerging defense and security challenges. Our recruiting and advisory team can be trusted to deliver uncommon insight and access to world-class talent to move your defense mandate forward for good.


We’ve advised the management and Boards of mining companies around the world that understand the critical role that effective leadership and field management plays in making their operations more efficient and more profitable. ASI can apply global insight and advisory resources against your biggest human capital challenges to turn them into a source of competitive advantage over the competition.


Retail excellence is a currency that can attract top performers from a wide variety of sectors, and ASI invests the due diligence to sort out the executives and management leaders who can most impact your business. We can advise your enterprise along a broad range of talent and human capital opportunities – each of which can propel your enterprise to the next level.


Our advisory team can tap global referral and candidate networks to assess what’s shaping the markets you serve and surface the talent required to drive improved results across your transportation system. We bring the flexibility to customize the human capital solutions that can move your enterprise.


Our non-profit advisory team comprises consulting partners who themselves have become integral members of numerous non-profit organizations and boards, which helps provide the context and perspective we need to contribute meaningfully to your strategic agenda.


Our ability to leverage significant referral networks can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right executive and management talent to take your eco-friendly company to the next level. Our consultants also bring significant cross-industry experience that provides multidisciplinary insight into engaging the right human capital practices as your enterprise grows and enters new markets.

Real Estate

Whether your interests reside in the commercial or residential sectors of this dynamic marketplace, we believe our team can help you accelerate the achievement of key business goals. Our recruiting and advisory consultants can help you navigate complex people decisions and workforce challenges.

Let’s today begin a dialogue as to how our Portfolio Approach and Portfolio Promise combine to uniquely position your enterprise assuring you consistently hire those proven top of the bell curve leaders.

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